In 2012 hurricane sandy hit the east coast and just in NYC there were 48 deaths, $19 Billion in damages and 395 thousand homes were re-zoned as being in flood areas, which in the future could mean a lot of displaced residents.

Scientists predict up to 6 feet of sea level rise in the next 100 years which poses a serious threat to coastal cities like NYC.

We wanted to avoid the doom and gloom conversation that exists in discussions about climate change and talk about it through the lens of a possible solution.

The solution we found was within Governors Island, its projects on fighting climate change as well as its history.

The original island was significantly smaller in 1910 and since then has been built up using the spoils of construction of the subway tunnels in New York City.

In 2003 the island was given to the city of New York and plans for its development went underway. The architect discovered the island was below Sea Level and would take only one storm for it to be blown away. He later appealed to the city to increase the budget in order to elevate the land.

The island later introduced the hills which rises 70 feet above sea level which uses geo-engineering using natural architecture and systems to fight storms and floods. The hills later protected Governors island from Hurricane Sandy in 2012 with only 1 tree falling down, a minor damage compared to the city of New York. This later led to city of New York starting projects on the island to help New York fight climate change in the future.