Dream no. ???
Had somehow fused into a different reality close to ours. But found my way to Indiana house, the people theee were different. My dad was sort of there and there was a girl and a guy. And there is some sort of thing out in the world to be feared but more than normal. Think tornado but personified. There was also an extremely large amount of “GoodHousekeeping” magazines.
I move into a city space, Michel isn’t here. I think I’m in Chicago. Slowly there’s something that transforms and I’m with people that are trying to fix the city. Something is wrong. I’m in a car though, a van. We drive to the safe house. It has three floors and wood paneling.
I’m really confused. There’s different moments where I’m searching for my normalcy but I’m slowly realizing I’m not actually where I think I am. The smell of wood veneer and adhesive. Reba is with me but dogs aren’t always let inside. She’s my comfort a left over from the other reality that I hold dear. She supports me, so soft.

There’s a heist with sneakers. Some person is supporting this group financially and I’m not sure how.

Following this I keep writing notes to Michel, with things I’m sure exist in both our worlds. I miss you, please come back. My love where are you. Tears.

I come across the woman after crying, I’d seen her in the house before. She uses this small scanner and gasps. Ok you’re more than the last person was. They just exploded when we transformed and needed their help.

But you, you’re a little over half of both worlds. You might work. I stare into the tube-tv (which is next to a flatscreen that doesn’t work).
There are ghastly creatures I look away. She tells me how we, we can see every moment of our lives and everyone else’s. See how everything transforms through time. Flows in and out and begins anew.

We are able to shift our appearances.

You have a mission. You are going to become one of your past lives. He is wealthy and our benefactor. A famous actor named chad. I now am no long me, but a smaller girl. The girl that was at my parents house. We fused somehow.

We leave with a duffle bag in hand. I can sense the money I have in the bank, I have $32k in an envelope just in case.

I start walking in the grim city towards what I think is my area where I live, wheee chad lives. There is a group of people around me, as I start to shift into the transformation. They are fanatics. Chasing me as I run wanting just to get a glimpse. I get through the gate and the colors completely change. The small folk chasing me stop, but the police officer wants my signature. Chads signature. The guard at the post says this is out of your jurisdiction. But he wants to get to me. He gets over it and leaves. There’s the three of us now. I’m myself the girl and the woman are behind. I am noticed and say hello
To everyone. You can tell this place is a fake utopia for folks with money. It’s brighter here. Literally grass is greener kind of theme. I try switch between two consciousnesses/viewpoints of the girl and myself. I see chad looking for a car trying to figure out what house is his. For a wealthy area there is a significant amount of construction happening. He finds a motorcycle goes back and forth with no luck. We come across some women in blue shirts that ask questions to questionable people. Like “m’am you can’t be here or are you homeless” aggressive hand for such nice looking people. I ask for their help and they say absolutely mr. chad. You can ALWAYS ask us for help and we will be there. I say we came back from a long night of partying and I can’t seem to find my way back home. All I can think about is the new house I’m building. Can you help? Yes, she says. But the gate you can through you have to realize it’s over an hours drive to the destination you requested. And you three will not fit on the motorcycle. Follow me. We follow three blocks. Small talk about her and how she is. She says no one ever asks us and is thankful. I oblige. Continuing to a church. We walked past and to a smaller door that looks like it converts into a garage door. But is a arched door. She knocks. There’s two doors. She goes in and has a conversation from another door. That secondary door closes. She stops and pulls a rectangular fan out of the bowl where a few stand up right. She meditates with it. It’s smoldering. She then opens a Silver cylindrical vase that is heavily embossed with religious vignettes to extinguishing. She comes back and leaves with telling us they will help. Originally there seemed to be some sort of secrey involved in this. Something hush hush. The woman explains what the helper did. She was praying an old way something we don’t really do anymore. As she continues to talk about it. Chad is let in and goes into another space. I’m in the consciousness of the two girl and woman. They realize he’s gone and open the door and don’t see him in the waiting area. They go through the other door, it’s terrifying. To
Find for figures. An older man a patriarch of the church. Older and fat with suspenders on. A maroon tie and a beige dress shirt. It’s thin but expensive. Another man in his forties, maybe the deacon. In a grey dusty suit. The whole room is dust filtered. There’s a deadpan couch where chad is sitting. There’s a 10 year old in slacks and a dress shirt messily looking through books about dinosaurs.

The two of use creep in, chad stands up and I sits on giving us chairs, the patriarch is put aside and almost frustrated by chads active ness. The rich are not supposed to be so active in something a servant could do. There’s a stack of black
Lacquer chairs between two bookcases. I go to grab them. They’re set into each other to form one chair but apart still function. I turn around and they’re already in other chairs. I sit down on the sea foam leather couch with the woman. We start talking about small chat. This new house I’m building out in the boonies. It’s just two sticks at the moment. The patriarch is upset and confused. Why is this person so willing to do physical things? Why not hire a crane?

They begin talking about how we can help them. They’re the resistance against this fight and separation. They see how I want to help.

Dream no. ???: I fly home from our place in San Diego to Indiana to see my mom and dad and stay there for the weekend. I get in and am relaxing trying to find clothes and some space. We all eat dinner. After that I go for a ride with my mom, but I don’t see my fusion I see a 90’s green volvo parked in front of her car. I’m confused, she said we took the car in since it’s over 100k miles. I push more, she doesn’t say much. What ends up coming out is that they attempted to sell the car but instead took the funds that it’s worth to try to fix it. It still is in the shop but really just broken. I’m crushed. They could’ve just given me what the cars worth and I could’ve gotten something else. I want to drive alone and I do, through the town trying to find something to eat or do. I get back and there’s my ex, the guy from Lucifer (?). We teeter totter in this weird flirty way but end up driving. My mom keeps pushing me into him and how great he is. I try to step away to call Michel. He isn’t picking up maybe he’s at work… we continue and try to drive somewhere, we flirt I feel bad because I in a relationship. Lucifer wants to drive but I don’t let him, I’m needing to clear my head.
Jumping to Lucifer going to pick up his own van after me telling him I’m leaving tomorrow even though I have class. He finds the van at the mechanic. Gets into it, and the guy pops the good. There’s a man looking for work and Lucifer rolls the window down to offer the guy a job tomorrow—the mechanic gives him his card with the special contact. Following that Lucifer has some woman attack and shooting at the van, he escaped but tries to find a way out. Makes it to an upturned police car. Grabs the gernade from the police officer. She’s still alive, long blond hair. Luciftwaits for the woman to come. Sees her boots and chucks the garbage and she lifts the car to find him and the police officer missing. I sneak out and toss her the bomb. It starts ticking. Throws it in the police car throws it back out. Brings it in the alleyway and throws it at us. Lucifer survives. Im at the mall looking for pants and I keep seeing men with dummy thick asses. Im in heaven I want to touch them all. Mmm

Dream no. ??.
In the bathroom one that’s kind of a long rectangle with him when you go in the door to the left of it is a shower tub situation and then toilet and then sink and the door is kind of an oak color that remains is a pretty big window that’s obscured so it it has a privacy screen on it and reflects light and it’s kind of gold in a medium golden color in the space I’m sitting on the toilet and someone knocked on the door and I’m like Haley came in here and somebody barges in and it turns out to be Ted Cruz.And I start screaming at him because I’m like dude what the fuck are you doing in here and he just continues to talk about the republican party and how vital it would be and he even had a mug that said Ted for red and I was like I will not be recruited for the republican party how fucking dare you come in here or I’m taking a shit and not think about me and think about like this is not how you approach any sort of people god you’re such an idiot. The second part of the stream had started in some sort of maybe sitting in a terminal of an airport and talking to people about spirit airlines in different countries and one more and was New Zealander So her she had also travel up because I was traveling a lot to for work at this point in my old job and she who is talking about her special carry-on bag that she uses that Shrinks down to really small. So we start to board the spirit flight and we’re in the jettison thing that connects to the air the airplane and we get in there and it’s the normal thing and I start to walk in the airplane and the first class looks normal as it generally is and then behind them which starts to happen is massive standing desks with we could start the chairs it was standing desks wait standing desk and counter stools that seem to be like a darker color with a metal base to them sometimes they were wood sometimes they were more just like the covered fabric and occasionally there is computer screens up on the standing us or not all of them because I I noticed today was at least decent coming into it in the queue and my seat was Cue row 35 and I got there and Michel who is feeling but like he was behind me and there was a person standing in my spot but I just kind of took the spot next to him because the desks were long enough and Michel actually came.

Dream no. ?: after stopping by the office (that smelled like bbq) I went to grab a late lunch in Clairmont/Chinatown. I wanted to go to this one place but went to the bakery instead. Waited in line , when I got up front I forgot my mask but one was in my pocket. She asked if I could wear one and if I’d been here before. I said I’ve had it in China. She was mildly impressed and started the conversation in Chinese. I then ordered mochi strawberries, $6.50/per, I don’t like chocolate covered almonds on things what do you recommend? Oh this melt away thing for $4.5, ok. Then deciding on the last thing, a thing for Michel, a chocolate that this worker couldn’t tell so what she grabbed a pink frosted rectangle cake slice $8.90. The blonde girl next to me with two purses, noted that this place is soooooo good. Got to the cashier and the total was $56.70. I went to grab my card but as most places they only take cash. I moved my cart to the left side of the end of the counter. There was an atm behind the counter but she was frustrated with me. She went to check out the girl that was behind me and she paid because she was prepared. Her total was 3275 and she paid with cash. One thing that I know one thing that she said was that you know why don’t you let him just go to the ATM because I had money in my car and the word mine and Connor said I just don’t trust him and the blonde woman was like annoyed with that statement and what is so I asked her I was like I can give you I can Venmo you or send you money in WhatsApp and she was like fuck I don’t have enough cash with me right now I’m sorry. And so after she checked out the person behind the counter was like OK let’s go to the ATM the food itself the baked goods were in a pink box with tissue paper and or neatly organized I’m just gonna like nicely but like open everybody else had like a top to their food buying for some reason didn’t and so she brought me to the front door of the food court situation and had mentioned there being a ATM outside but I forgot to wear my shoes my flip-flops were specifically and so I had to walk back and then went back out and there was a kiosk a three sided four sided Kia slick because this place looks like a pretty complex of strip mall situation with the food court. The ATM kiosk had multiple sides to it when was talking aboutDog tags any other side was an ATM but it was really sketchy because I hate getting money out of rain to meet him that I don’t know about and then I saw a couple others I kept looking around there was a liquor store communes place looking sketchy and then I was walking around some more and then I realize that I was carrying my ergonomic exercise ball that I use in my office space at home and I found this other ATM they looked familiar and then I realized it was a chase bank who is the Chi speak that looks like this old American or maybe European style with a tutor style withLots of dark brown and white plaster as I walked in the door cause I realize it was Chase and I was really impressed by it and confused because there’s a handful of people there it was also cleans massive exercise wall by the handle and I was stressed nicely for work but not that nicely and I will walk through this massive exercise ball and people you know kind of look at me there’s a bunch of leather chairs are some older white people there’s like one with the beehive hair style number that like old woman like kind of had the curlers in her hair and that coughed upSo I walked towards the back of the chase bank and there’s a long table there’s a man oh man sitting on the left side but he’s busy with a client in so a woman from the right of sitting around table with about a longer Bob maybe to her shoulders with brown hair I said OK sir I can help you out and so she went because you know I had the sense of urgency in me but I was like OK I guess whatever I can get cash from them this way and I just got $100 out instead because it’s just easier so she asked me where I can you change she was talking and I was like oh my God I’m so sorry this ball is so awkward but yeah that’s what I use my office because it’s her now and she’s like oh it’s OK sir like no problem it’s not that weird I kind of figured it was for some sort of ergonomically process. And so she asked me my name and my email that’s associated with my account and then walks back to the backAnd picks up some pronounce that I had to sign because she asked me how much money I needed to get out it’s $100 and then she brings this massive like super old computer and it takes her forever to fucking do anything and you know setting things and I never really got the money I was really able to go back to the bakery because Sarah was there and we ended up just like sitting across from each other on a table and we were talking about things and she said oh well I didn’t really have food in the house and I was like dude why the fuck did she have food like you need to have food and she was like Adam I’m not we’re not in college anymore you can’t be this much of an asshole to me and was like dude I’mNot and it made me feel really bad but I’m staring at her she said that oh yeah I had like who’s like what about the type 55 but like oh that was yesterday Madame still fresh I was saying that I felt really bad that this distance has been put between us is table kind of expanded and I’m sad about that