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Presentation Questions

What story are you recreating?

The Story of Little Suck-a-Thumb

What are each person’s roles?

Video compositing and sound manipulation - Isa/Tong/Oren
Camera cinematography - Tong
Foley art sound effects - Oren
Performing the hands/the Boy - Isa
Reading text into the microphone - Isa/Tong/Oren

We all might switch roles mid-performance.

How are characters represented?

The Mother - represented by voice and a closeup camera on a performer’s mouth
Conrad, The Boy - represented by the oversized papier-mâché hands and sometimes performed by Isa in conjunction with the hands
The Tailor - represented by the scissors and assorted Foley art sound effects

How is the environment represented?

Our set will be fairly minimal in terms of set pieces; we will create a sense of environment through lighting, compositing video, and performing Foley art sound effects.

How are text/vocals represented?

One of us will narrate portions of the dialogue live as part of the performance.

What cameras are you planning to use?

We are considering an endoscopic camera for the mouth closeup camera feed.
For the other two cameras, we will probably prototype with phone cameras, but we’re interested in using analog cameras for the real thing.

How will light be incorporated into the piece?

We’re thinking of using Phillips Hue colored lights that can be controlled over WiFi from Max. We will also use three spotlights to highlight the areas covered by our three cameras.

How will you, as the creators, be visible to the audience?

One of us will be performing Foley art sound effects, one of us will be controlling a pair of papier-mâché hands, and one of us will be manipulating camera feeds. We will also take turns reciting dialogue into a microphone.

A rough draft layout of the technical elements

Questions you still have / concerns you have / still need to figure out

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