Alternative Political Resources Starter Pack

Political catchup:

- Capitalism: The Game by Michael Oman-Reagan:

- PewDiePie and the Problem With (fake) Racism - 2019 by The Serfs:

- Nine forces Driving the Rise of Fascism in 2019 by Michael I. Niman:

- The Alt-Right Playbook series by Innuendo Studios:

- World War F: Weaponized Social Media in the Age of Fascism by Michael I. Niman:


- The Privacy Project by The New York Times:

YouTuber recommendations:

Innuendo Studios -
Shaun -
Contrapoints -
Peter Coffin -
NonCompete -
Hbomberguy -
The Serfs -
Angie Speaks -
Mexie -
Kat Blaque -
Intelexual Media -
Feminist Frequency -
Radical Reviewer -
Philosophy Tube -
Thought Slime -
Lindsay Ellis -


The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder -
Chapo Trap House -

Culturally relevant, scant traces of politics:

Wisecrack -
Jenny Nicholson -

Some places for news: - SUPPORT LOCAL NEWS <3

β€» American right-wing media is trash and most liberal media is half-trash. Please exercise media literacy when consuming for news (see last section)

Website resources:

Browser Stuff:

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Media Literacy 101

With EVERY communication you receive, ask yourself:

  • Who is saying this?
  • What is REALLY being said (subtext)?
  • What ACTION do they seek to trigger?
  • Who will BENEFIT from that action?
  • Are any manipulation tactics being used?
Alternative Political Resources Starter…


Jan 24 2019 - I think I am close to finishing adding things to this channel so much. I wanna now try to process some of this into a few written articles as a sort of historical record for the context we find ourselves in. Mostly, the patterns are now getting predictable to the point where.. there's only so many ways you can say:
> Capitalism is fucking us, The Right-Wing is fucking us, Liberals is fucking us, Libertarians is fucking us, the Tech Industry & Silicon Valley is fucking us, The hallow culture of Americanization is fucking us, Imperialism is fucking us, Establishment Democrats are trained to not realize they are fucking us, and because of the influence we have in other countries, the issues we experience is regurgitated though other countries with their own problems, and eventually makes it way back here. We've succeeded in uniting the world, but we did it though negative peace and hate, which is stirring climate change.

I think the main issue is that there's only so much information you can collect before it's just the same statements, the same antidotes and the same recurring problems. This wasn't meant to be a current events and news channel, but sort of, examples of what happens when our economics, culture, planet, the mind, and the soul slowly decays over time in a systematic approach.

Two goals:
Condensing the Infopocalypse into field notes on the culture war.
Leaving a list of resources that's not from the usual news sources.

The last goal is important, because if I stop adding to the Infopocalyse full on, I'd like to leave some additional resources for others to reach out and explore if one is motivated or interested to do so.

I might clean up the recycled legacy channels as well as some stuff with this channel but I don't expect anything to be deleted outright. As much as this is a resource for myself, I'd like for it to be a resource for other people studying social aspects, as I don't think the context of 2000's - 2018 Internet should be collapsed. It's bad enough there has been lost culture due to the actions of various reactionaries in influential areas.

2020 would be a good stopping point honestly. Two decades of history on the commercialized Internet.

Jan 21 2019 - Safe to say that blocks have been re-arranged again. As a note to understand groupings, a lot of it is information about a situation, with comparable sensations, and an explanation of effects, either psychological, propaganda or goaded means. It's more of a timeline of how these effect critical thinking and history of it contributes to the development, not necessarily a chronological timeline. The development of commercialized, capitalism-based Internet and Social Media, is probably the most accurate historical timeline record of the combined subjects of Politics, Tech/Internet, and Psychological.

Aug 22 2018 - Attempting to archive Twitter threads in Info section of pages, because Twitter is garbage and information can vanish. :c (completed Jan 2019)

Field notes:

I'm just pulling info together for not only my own understanding but trying to sort out the mess caused by American imperialism in the technological age. If you are a professional researcher or know people, please use as a resource as long as you don't aid the status quo in psyops terrorism.

Don't care for being credited or anything else.

Tell all your friends and family about the infopocalyse and work on internet safety and psychological safety!

! General note for users for general things unrelated to this topic specifically:
If you post or upload information coming from a social media site like Twitter or Tumblr, I'd recommend pasting in the Description box, because a lot of online archive sites are blocked by robots.txt, or can be pulled offline at anytime.

> Q. Why did you add a inconsequential item like a cartoon show, media clip or a YouTuber?
> A. It's more related than you think. Consider these allegorical understandings as you read between other articles.

Infopocalyse info thing

Infopocalypse is clocking in at 600 blocks, so the challenge is to translate the pre-organized batch of articles into something coherent.

The basic narrative is the corporatization/capitalist change of the internet has created the chaos we're experiencing. Generations have been used to TV & Radio at this point, so it doesn't carry the same radicalization effect as it did on introduction.

The problem with the internet 2000's and later, is that engagement and socializing has been converted to a commodification you pay for, shown by the loss of agency - Inability to fight against troll campaigns, being 'forced' into groups though timeline manipulation and data tracking, the use of cultivated identity and memes to steal culture from the 99%, Internet censorship and disinformation.

Though the internet, the rich, and all the old reactionary fucks, they managed to turn reality into a pyramid scheme though the way of cognitive manipulation. What's worse, the people who aren't in the grift to get rich, who believes all the misinformation and manipulation, have taken faith to forcefully resurrect Jesus Christ, and is supporting the disastrous actions on belief they will be saved. The lower level of people who don't believe it, and aren't in the grift, has let their emotions turn them into #MAGA sleeper-cell terrorists.

This is the reality of the infopocalyse.

  • Follow the money: Libertarians, Republicans, Evangelists, Tories, Fossil Fuel families, Centrist-Establishment Democrats.

Arranging all of this was very possible though how works. Thanks for letting me sorta do all of this here and hopefully it is not a strain on the site functionality. Goal is to get steady work in 2019 and would like to help out at some point once it's secure. ❀️&πŸ•ŠοΈ

Infopocalyse fieldnotes (2016 - 2018)