In a New York City bar in 1985, as photography business owner Joanna Ferrone and art director Sue Rose sipped after-work drinks, Rose found herself doodling on a napkin. The fellow who appeared exuded guileless confidence, inner wisdom, and a free spirit. Ferrone named him Fido Dido and gave him a belief in the benevolence of the universe to provide (albeit in often unexpected ways).

They had him stenciled on T-shirts with the credo: Fido is for Fido, Fido is against no one and within a year

they became a wearable VIP pass into the hottest nightclubs in New York.

Twenty three years later, Fidos message is still universal. Whether advocating for Amnesty International, selling 7UP or branding one of the top selling active wear lines in Brazil, he is recognized worldwide as a pervasive pop culture icon.

Fido is all about trusting and his career reflects his Fidosophy. With innocence taking him seamlessly through peril and the universe conspiring to support him, it looks like Fido is here to stay.


Carson Salter