Chip Star チップスターチョコレートChip Star チップスターチョコレート
Chip Star チップスターチョコレート

“Chip Star Chocolate”

Bits of Chip Star (JDM Pringles) crusted onto chocolate. I’m guessing that this was probably a way to use broken bits (like Pringles, Chip Star are fragile and the bottom and top 3-4 chips are fragments). The flavor is good, though the chocolate is a bit chalky and has a hint of iron/rust. Salt level from the chips is nice, but the MDF-like bonded construction of this style of chip doesn’t quite deliver the crunch of a kettle cooked (or any classic style made from a whole slice of potato) especially when it’s not presented as a large curved sheet. It becomes bits, when what you want is more like shards. In the end, it tastes pretty much how you would assume it would. The small bites (vs chocolate on a chip) format is nice, and makes snacking easy. These skew more to the “candy” than to the “chip” side of categorization.

Overall: recommended if you like chips/chocolate combo.