The Hermit forms the acquaintance of a clever little fisher- Also of some world-wide travellers, whose experiences, though of a superficial nature, are deeply interesting-A distinguished builder next enlightens him respecting architecture and architects in general-A "fine lady'' who is not above making herself use- ful-Some odd extracts from the annals of the Annelida-A slovenly "beauty " 71
The Hermit introduces himself to a charming and very com- municative Jady, who is startled by the unexpected appearance during dinner of a protege of the Hermit's-The trials of house- keeping, from which even Hermits are not wholly exempt-Some more travellers' tales, which meet with a better acceptance under the Waves than they sometimes do above them -The Hermit receives a surprise and is warned against a " monster '' 94
The conduct of" the monster," together with his appearance, causes the Hermit to moralize-A family of high rank, and an eccentric member of the same-Gravity and levity contrasted in the Pholas and the Pecten-Concerning borers and burrowers- An unexpected encounter-The catastrophe . 1 1 8
How the catastrophe came about, with a glimpse of life above the Waves-The Brittle-star prefers death to captivity-The crabbed cousin resents being taken up no less than he did being put down-The Society of the Basin is quite broken up, and its members reconcile themselves to a change of circumstances ac- cording to their various dispositions-The Hermit, after a hair- breadth escape, finally regains his native valley, a wiser though a sadder Hermit than when he left it-He is not, however, long depressed, but concludes philosophica1ly that "all is well that ends well"