The reading about automatic writing and machine learning is really interesting to me. I thought machine learning is a great tool for divination because it can generate things follow a certain rules or logic. The logic is the result of machine learning so it will be rational but unknown and unpredictable by the audience. The second reading about African divination system is also interesting and inspired my project. It mentions that African traditions believe that the world is “a fundamental unknowability, but enormous opportunity in the ‘space of the possible’ to participate in the process of creation”. This idea is similar to what I think about divination that its fundamentally unrelated to the truth, but can use as inspirations in our lives. It also introduces the process of a divination game, that give objects certain meanings, and pick up them randomly from a box. In my divination project, I may make something similar to this process. I will have a list of divining words and assign them to different numbers. Player will roll dices to get those words.