"Bandcamp has become an extremely rare type of company, a profitable startup, by doing nothing more than providing a threadbare platform for the chaotic variables of human experience to interact during economic transactions. This basic model is so effective that it works in spite of every other shortcoming the site suffers from.


Spotify's understanding of humans as economic actors is almost maximally reductive, antiquated, and fundamentally flawed.

Its misconception begins with a straightforward musical misconception: given a listener's mood, Spotify should provide them with music to match that mood.


Spotify will never deliver what its artists endlessly appeal for: Fair remuneration and good-faith avenues for artist development that don't involve payola or the equivalent of musical SEO. It will not do this because the existence of music beyond basic hormonal modulation does not interest it, and therefore, the existence of musicians does not interest it."

~ Components (https://components.one/posts/bandcamp-the-chaos-bazaar)