Treat Emotions Like Visitors, Who Are Just Passing Through!

“Allow (emotions) the space to be experienced, and in that space there is neither grasping nor pushing. I think Mooji has a very wonderful analogy for this, he suggests we treat these feelings like visitors, like travelers on the road. So that when they come to visit we simply open up a space for them. We sit with them, we listen to them, we show them compassion and kindness, but we don’t invite them to move in with us. We let them come, and we let them go. And they will go, if we let them. Sometimes they just need to be heard, sometimes they just need someone to listen. They just need to be seen and acknowledged and treated with love and kindness. And once all that has occurred, they tend to not stay around for much longer. But in the meantime, we just allow them to be there.” - From the video, Allow Yourself To Feel Your Emotions by Awaken Insight

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Cover image edited on 05/13/21