Psychoterratic States
Solastalgia: a feeling of desolation of the deterioration of a loved home.
Soliphilia: the love of nature and the solidarity needed to resist forces of desolution
and restore environments
Topophilia: the love a particular place, or landscape in general
Ecoanxiety: anxiety based on ecological conditions.
Eutierria: a feeling of elation or oneness with the Earth
Ecoparalysis: the inability, due to fear or hopelessness, to respond to environmental
problems. Not necessarily an expression of apathy.
Ecophobia and ecoaversion: aversion to the environment. Considered to be an
effect of socialization where experiences in nature are absent or negative. (Albrecht 2012, 251–256, 2013)

Using the concepts listed above, designers can explore psychoterratic experiences and consider how they might impact design problems and potential solutions.