Buster Keaton Interviewed by Studs Terkel - 1962 (Audio)

Buster Keaton Interviewed by Studs Terkel - 1962 (Audio)

**"The more seriously I took my work the better laughs I got. Not smiling wash mechanical with me."

"7:50 - Buster Keaton master of mechanical times, IRIS BARRY- Buster Keaton moves in the mechanized world today like the inhabitant of another planet. He gazes in frozen bewilderment at a nightmare reality: inventions and contrivances like deckchairs and rail engines... seem animate in the same measure that human beings become impersonal- without friends or relatives..."

"...mechanical devices are the only beings that can understand him... throw your humanity into the machine world... make the machine so much part of yourself..." (--ST)

(BK:)"I get my best material working with something like that..." "I may not be a carpenter but I can build a house."

(ST)"Your humor is alive today with more and more machines..."