High above this desert
I am

Plateaus of sand
dendrites of sand
continents and islands and waddys
of sand
tongue sand
wrinkle sand
mountain sand
coasts of sand
pimples and pustules and macula of sand
snot all over your face from sneezing sand
dry lakes of sand
buried pools of sand
moon craters of sand
Get your “I’ve had too much of people
out of here sand.

My own place sand
never another place sand
punishments of sand
hosannahs of sand
Epiphanies of sand
crevasses of sand
mother of sand
I’ve been here a long time sand
string sand
spaghetti sand
cat’s cradle ring-a-levio sand
army of trees sand
jungle of sand
grief of sand
subterranean treasure sand
moonglade sand
male sand
terrifying sand

Will I never get out of here sand
open and closed sand
curvatures of sand
nipples of sand
thick veil over my face sand
sun is my lover sand
footprints of the time on sand
navel sand
elbow sand
play hopscotch through the labyrinth sand
I have spread myself sand
I have grown harsh and flat
against you sand
glass sand
fire sand
malachite and gold diamond sand
cloisonné coal sand
filagree silver sand
granite and marble and ivory sand

Hey you come here and she came sand
I will endure sand
I will resists sand
I am tired of no
all the time sand
I too will unmask my dark
hard rock sand.

Audre Lorde
Bryce Wilner

Lorde, Audre, “Sahara”, The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde (New York and London: W. W. Norton & Company, 1997), pp. 243–244.