150 words – what you will do, why, how might it work?


I want to expand my walking practice.

I will build a drawing device that will track my position in space when I walk. As a result, after each walk, the device will save the path I undertook, and I will be able to export the file as a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).


I am creating this device to gain more independence in my walking practice, by building my own tool. I want to perform my walking practice on curated itineraries that reveals how the built environment shapess our collective experience of the city.

The drawings will then act as visual documentation of my walking practice, and they could be exhibited. By building my own tool, I am allowing myself more creative freedom in terms of the visual output that will be created and the amount of information I want to hide or reveal when displaying the results.


The drawing device will be coded inside Processing for Androids. It will be uploaded to my phone as an application that I can turn on when I start to walk and off when I’m done walking.

Émile Foucher