Thinking about how to resolve and present my manifesto now.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about different elements of my practice and how to convey my ideas within my manifesto.

I am thinking about creating some sort of flow chart or mindmap (either digital or hand-drawn) as my artists' manifesto. I am thinking about the flow charts often seen in business or work-scenarios; as a nod to labour industries and ideas around pathways, productivity levels and right and wrong/yes-no deciscions.

Mind-maps are similarly interesting as they are a way of collating thoughts and ideas, often created quickly in times of preparation and deliberation on something. "Mind map" itself is a phrase relating to my current practice as I work though and create work about my own mental health.

I wanted to deviate somewhat from the standard "do this/don't do that" language found in many manifestos. I plan to present my ides in the form of questions; some rhetorical, some serious and relating to different elements of my practice and identity as an artist. I am put in mind of some of the NHS-mental health-related language I have been subjected to throughout my life.

Resolving a Manifesto
Brooke Milliken