The Industry Exposed

Part 1

  • Beyonce and Madonna – Metropolis ritual

  • story of Metropolis, made by Fritz Lang and Erich Pommer in 1926, would become the foundation of most technocratic movies and songs

  • Tower of Babel symbolism

  • Moving gears represents mechanized occult source

  • Madonna’s Blond Ambition Japan tour in 1990 portrays Metropolis

  • Octagons, all-seeing eyes, and workers

  • Madonna’s pointy bra is her robotic self

Part 2

  • Pentagram (inverted) above robot in Metropolis movie

  • robot illuminated

  • Beyonce dressed as Metropolis robot like Madonna

  • Beyonce alchemical transformation

  • Beyonce changed to “Sasha Fierce,”—alter ego

  • other artists with alter egos (Kabbalist as above, so below) includes Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Eminem, 50 Cent….

  • Beyonce taken over by demon is song Halo

  • Metropolis Illuminati symbolism

  • Beyonce as a robotic bee

Part 3

  • Madonna’s Kabbalist/Masonic top hat and checkerboard floor

  • Rihanna emerges from stargate, puts Chris Brown under her umbrella (control) amid checkboard background

  • Beyonce mirrors Metropolis dance sequences

  • 666 hand sign flashed by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and in old movies

  • Rihanna umbrella emerges from within pyramid

“It’s like the darkness is the light” in Rihanna song is Kabbala narrative

  • Justin Timberlake alter ego: “The old me’s dead and gone.”

Part 4 – missing

Part 5

-Dehumanization of humans and humanization of robots

  • robotic propaganda in movies: The Terminator

  • Universal Mind Control (U.M.C.), Common, featuring Pharrel Williams. Pharrel dressed as robot

  • The Transformers movie part of programming

  • T-Pain’s synthesized robotic voice

  • Jay Z masonic symbol

  • Jay Z gives Kayne West masonic apprentice grip handshake

  • Jay Z’s esoteric “glow in the dark” term

  • Biotechnology and human engineering

  • Beyonce Metropolis suit at 2007 BET Awards

  • Kylie Minogue robotic programming

  • robotic hand fashion among the stars

  • robotic agenda part of Darwinian/Masonic evolution of man

Parts 6 & 7 – missing

Part 8

  • Ciara’s alter ego “Super C”

  • Masonic checkerboard in Ciara video featuring T-Pain. Robotic movements and sounds. Ciara transformed into Super C while up and down arrows flash (Kabbalah as above, so below motif)

  • Robotic diva flashes hand signs and make Hebrew letters with body?

  • Super C character explained

  • Beyonce and Ciara “evolve”

  • More robotic narrative involving Darwinian evolution

  • Janet Jackson emerges from pyramid capstone during live performance

  • masonic compass and square over fire at Janet concert

  • Metropolis allusion during Britney Spears concert “Slave”

  • Miley Cyrus walks pyramid, water, sun worship transformation during video

Part 10 – blocked

Part 11

  • Madonna and Beyonce ritual

  • Lady Gaga series intro

  • robotic voice, one eye, hypnotic, psychotic

  • Lady Gaga Metropolis connection

  • Gaga dances on checkerboard cubes

  • Gaga robotic movements whilst covering one eye

  • Busta Rymes and Janet Jackson

  • Busta transformation from robot into serpent

  • rain man

  • dancers painted silver, like Rihanna after rainman raped her

  • Will Smith robotic transformation – Will2K

  • Madonna talks about lucky 13, Kabbalah, and bar mitzvahs

Part 12 – missing

Part 13

  • Lady Gaga Poker Face critique

  • black and white dogs as Gaga emerges with robotic mask, one-eye symbolism

  • Poker Face about oral sex, innuendo examined

  • media told not to ask about meaning of Poker Face

Part 13 Update

  • Kid cudi featuring Kanye West, common Lady Gaga: “I poke her face”

  • Gaga simulates oral sex

  • Katy Perry phallus worship

Part 14 – blocked

Part 15

  • artists using “I am” to say they are gods

  • Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne “I am music” tour

  • Alicia Keys, Will I AM, SeanJohn, “I am king,” Nas, I am, 50 Cent, I am what I am (RBK), Rebook, I am what I am, ads; Novel, “I am future black president.”

  • “Jay Z’s the truth,” “Hova, hova, hova”

  • Jay Z Skull and Bones 322, all-seeing eye

  • Jamie Foxx collaboration with Coors beer and alcohol companies, Svedka Vodka

Part 16

  • designer babies, animal-human hybrid

  • trans-humanism in medical industry

  • Myron Blosser, trans-humanism, Kabbalah eternal flame logo

Part 17 – blocked

Part 18

  • Dr. Dre devil hand sign

  • Been there done that video examined

  • Young Black Rockefeller

  • Group Therapy – East Coast –West Coast killing illuminati symbolism, divide and conquer strategy, blasphemy, externalization of the New World Order, Revelation of the Method, modern day Babylon

  • Dr. Dre sold his soul to the devil according to insider

Parts 19 & 20 – blocked

Part 21

Izza Kizza robotic narrative, pyramids and snakes, baphomet hand sign, alchemical transformation: Ciara to Super C; Rza ti Bobby Digital; Beyonce to Sasha Fierce

  • Don Omar – system upgrade robotic narrative, alchemical transformation to iDon,”I’m the Chosen” (Robotic narrative conditioning us to accept RFID implants, police state, quarantine)

Part 22 – blocked

Part 23

  • Eminem Relapse: dualism, deal with the devil, Masonic/Kabbalah dualism, sexual abuse, demonic possession, MPD or dissociative identity disorder, monarch programming, attack of the rain man (Satan or fallen angels)

  • Jay Z rain man possession

  • witching hour explained (3 a.m.)

  • Eminem possessed at 3 a.m. and killing people, alchemical transformation

  • numerology, symbolism in rap albums and magazine covers

Part 24

Eminem – Devil’s Night, Demon Inside, his first encounter with the devil; power to change water to rum through Jewish magic

  • Satanic sell out, “I was born with a set of horns,” “My soul is possessed by the devil”

  • Eminem performs with Satanist Marilyn Manson

  • Manson studies Sigmund Freud (Jewish father of sexual revolution), Nietche, Aleister Crowley, Charles Darwin, Anton LaVey; Satanism about “being your own god”

  • death of rapper “Proof” predicted in Eminem’s Toy Soldiers two years prior to

  • Proof’s death an Illuminati sacrifice?

  • Hudson family murders

  • The Doors, Jim Morrison possession, shaman, Aleister Crowley

Part 25

  • Eminem Relapse lyrics examined; veiled reference to demonic possession, then unveiled

  • demonic collecting on Eminem’s fame and fortune

  • Be careful what you wish for – price of fame

Part 26

  • Slim Shady alchemical transformation and summoning spirits on stage

  • “I do whatever the beat is telling me to do,” he says

  • slips “in and out of accents” = demonic possession, MPD?

Parts 27 & 28 – Missing

Part 29

  • Jonas Akerlund, Satanist director of Lady Gaga

  • Robotic narrative in Hollywood: Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis and Rosamund Pike; the Twilight Saga New Moon; Canada’s Next Top Model

  • U.S. Army and robotic agenda

Part 30

  • Heath Ledger’ s death a sacrifice?

  • director Terry Gilliam, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Illuminati symbolism

  • Gilliam calls Ledger a “magician”

  • David Carradine did not kill himself

  • six autopsy photos of Carradine put up for sale

  • Jay Z releases “Blueprint” on Sept. 11, 2011

Part 31 – Missing

Part 32

  • Lil’ Wayne in the three-six mafia? He sings with robotic voice. Illuminati symbolism.

  • Ready For the World album and robitic-Satanic narrative

  • Lil’ Wayne sold his soul

  • Lil’ Wayne portraying devil promising fame in exchange for jazz player’s soul

  • 50 Cent and hypnosis, 666, Revelation of the Method

  • Murderer Michael Miller screams Eminem song before killing his family. Miller said he was possessed

  • Cam’Ron baphomet

  • Lil’ Wayne, Kabbalah, As Above, So Below

Part 33

  • Professor Griff of Public Enemy talks about conspiracy and Bill Cooper’s Behold A Pale Horse, gender confusion, media distractions, Tavistock Institute

  • Canadian documentary The Corporation and consumerism

  • Damon Dash, Suge Knight, Irve Gotti, Jay Prince raised by FBI and blackmailed

  • Jay Z bought off

  • Damon Dash sacrificed Aliyhah; Suge Knight sacrificed Tupac Shakur; Irve Gotti supposed to blood sacrifice Ashanti but she got away

  • Pimp C murdered for calling people out

Part 34

  • Rap-a-lot’s Jay Prince sacrificed Pimp C?

  • Pimp C interview, talks about gay rappers

  • Lil’ Wayne kissing Baby

  • Whoo Kid and G Unit, Mase

  • Griff speaks of Twenty-Million Dollar club

  • Michael Jordan loses father; Bill Cosby loses son; Jay Z loses mom

  • Jay Z says he never read the Bible in his life

  • Jay Z backmasking: 666, “murder murder Jesus”

  • Griff says all necessary blood sacrifice in order to gain fame

  • Jezzy and Rick Ross drug dealers

Part 35

  • Haitian magic and voodoo the same thing; masonic square and compass

  • Rockefeller pyramid handshake

  • Vybz Kartel, freemasonry and robotic voice

  • Dave Chapelle talking about what’s happening in Hollywood

  • 50 Cent lies and says he is “high” all the time but on record saying he has never smoked weed

  • rapper Houston gouges own eye out

  • Houston’s bodyguard says he has dealt with devils since he signed a record deal

  • Soulja Boy silenced

  • Amil (Jay Z’s protégé) raps against Satan and the New World Order

Part 36

  • Lauryn Hill speaks out against the industry on Motives and Thoughts

  • The World Is a Hustle (unreleased)

  • Michael Jackson talks about elite manipulation

  • “Hip hop is holding ancient secrets,” says KRS One

  • B.O.B. watches himself for first time, makes baphomet hand signs

  • Wu Tang Clan explained

  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard talks about music mind control

Part 37

  • Dirty on Wu Tang, mind control, programming, and the “clone” taking over

  • ODB’s Diesel a cry for help

-Dorrough, Fabulous, Gudda, Ace Hood, Suge Knight, JTG and Shad (WWE) Illuminati symbolism

Part 38

  • DMX gets $25,000 speeding ticket, says if you want to rap, don’t become part of the industry

  • DMX says new breed of rappers paying DJs to play their music and performing fellatio on record executives to get deals

  • DMX says he met the devil in Arizona but says overcame it

  • DMX says Barack Obama is a fake name

Part 39

  • Fiona Apple – Fast as You Can – sings about struggles against evil

  • Apple speaks out against industry during awards speech

  • Sony Music alters Apple’s album

  • Chumbawumba lyrics examined

  • Young Joe outs P Diddy’s gay secrets

  • Xzibit claims P Diddy brought him to gay club

  • masonic finger over lip

Part 40

  • David Bowie uses baphomet hand sign during live concert to salute and follow Kabbalah Sefirot Tree of Life, “one magical movement from Kether to Malkuth”

  • Bowie follows teaching of OTO Satanist Aleister Crowley

  • David Bowie “Quicksand” honours Golden Dawn and Crowley

  • Bowie dons same lightning bold symbol as Lady Gaga

  • Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton Revelation of the Method during interview

  • Gaga praises Bowie

  • Madonna talks about Hilton and Kabbalah Centre

  • Lady Gaga Illuminati symbolism

  • Lady Gaga a hermaphrodite?

  • “p-p-poke her face; f-f-fuck her face”

  • Apache Warrior Geronimo and Skull and Bones

  • Warrior’s great grandson suing Yale University (grave robber Prescott Bush) for stealing skull…Obama also sued

Parts 41-44 missing

Part 45

  • Sweet Dream

  • Jay Z demon speaking

  • Movie Stargate, one-eye symbolism

  • Last Minzy, butterfly wings (transformation), magic

Part 46

  • witchcraft in movie The Gate (1987)

  • 9/11 mega ritual, masonic stargate

  • kids play record backwards in order to open gate

Part 47

  • Lady Gaga, beautiful monster

  • Gnarles Barkley, Crazy

  • New World Order on the Cartoon Network

Part 48

  • “Dog days of summer” based on the eye of Horus

  • The NeverEnding Story: “People who have no hope are easy to control”

  • Janet Jackson Sirius earrings

  • The Truman Show

  • The Mask: Jim Carrey transforms into Osiris on masonic checkerboard floor

  • Carey is Osiris in many movies

  • Masonic symbolism with Jim Carrey in Man on the Moon

  • TV Series Lost: “song lyrics mixed with equations (alchemy)”

  • John Frusciante

Part 49 – missing

Part 50

  • MTV video music awards (VMAs) exposed

  • celebrities all wearing black or silver and “the woman in the red dress”

  • Jack Black prays to Satan to grant nominees continued success in music industry

  • Russell Brand reversal

  • VMAs and revolution

  • Kayne West used in Hegelian Dialectic to boost career of Taylor Swift

  • Timothy Leary and Aleister Crowley

  • Jay Z parrots Crowley

  • The Beatles wear Crowley uniform, including Michael Jackson and Rihanna

  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers thank Satan

  • Jay Z, Masonic compass and square camera trick

  • Roc a Fella, diamond hands part of masonic ritual

Part 51

  • Pink’s checkerboard pants, and hoodwink

  • MTV’s Masonic temple

Part 52

  • Kanye west and Taylor Swift exposed at the VMAs

Part 53

  • Lady Gaga ritual at VMAs, phantom of the opera mask, black fathers

Part 54 – missing

Part 55

  • Lady Gaga doesn’t want your money but wants your soul

  • “I want your soul, Singapore.”

  • subliminal storyline

  • Lady Gaga has no soul

  • Fame Factory

  • caged whores in music

  • “she’s a monster, and she’s turning all of you into monsters”

  • Gaga sphere imagery (apocalyptic rebirth)

  • phallus worship (disco stick)

Part 56

  • honour self-indulgence

  • “some say Lady Gaga is a lie…and they’re right, I am a lie…and every day, I kill to make it true”—Lady Gaga, live performance

Part 57

  • Beyonce Halo about her “spirit guide” (demon) in the mirror (scrying)

  • Beyonce says award show performance came to her in a vision and “something” came into her

  • the occult and mirrors

  • Ludacris – How Low, mirror ritual

  • magician John Dee, “the dark mirror”, and Enochian magic

  • Chris Angel masonic symbolism

  • Ludacris “Conjure” knows magic

  • Pink Grammy performance as occult ritual, Oprah interview, whirling dervish (one who opens the door to the spirit world)

  • Madonna dervish

  • mirror narrative: Madonna, Eminem

  • Eminem sports black and white triple six

  • Eminem sings about different forms of devil worship

Part 58

  • biggest careers based on foundation of lies

  • Is Justin Bieber wearing lipstick?

  • Bieber’s music about love and relationships, but his target audience is little girls

  • three-year-old girl brought to tears over Bieber mania

  • The Cash Money illusion

  • Birdman promoting lifestyle

  • Aubrey Graham and Young Money sells out

  • Lil’ Wayne kisses a man

  • B.G. vs. Cashmoney, brainwashing

  • Lil Wayne raped when he was child, says he “loved” it and didn’t press charges

  • Lil Wayne then says he will rape 15-year-old boy in the room

  • Slim Birdman Brothers tour Grand Masonic Lodge of England

Part 59

  • Nicholas Shreck and Zeena LaVey, Church of Satan

  • Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis Junior

  • Culture war in music

  • Church of Satan admits mind control through musical frequencies, “to awaken dormant aspects of the human mind”

Part 60

  • Melyssa Ford blasts fame as a goal, says one will sell away their soul

  • Michael Jackson, Money

  • Andre 3000 “we want your soul”

  • Asher Roth on soul selling

  • DMX magic ritual

  • Tenacious D on selling soul, demonic invocation

  • Katy Perry says she sold her soul

  • Kanye West says selling his soul to the devil was a “crappy deal”

  • Lil’ B “I’m the devil” says he always wanted to be God (Satan talking through him?)

  • Gil Scott-Heron, “Me and the devil walking side by side”

Part 61

  • children’s cartoon occultism

  • The Beast Within

  • Miley Cyrus caged dark slave (inner animal)

  • exploitation of primal instincts

  • Kesha “Animal”

  • Animal Gaga

  • Rihanna tiger

  • Beyonce robotic cat

  • Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle

  • Kesha – Tik Tok, robotic voice, animal instincts

Part 62

  • Dr. Dre molding little gangsters

  • molding slang and fashion

  • Eugene Levy on subliminal messages in music

  • Behind the Music and Revelation of the Method

  • Josie and the Pussycats and rock star plane crashes and subliminal messages

  • ultimate goal is to waste your life away

Part 63

  • Freud and Bernays on primitive forces and its uses in social engineering

  • encounter groups and the Esalen Institute

  • Frans Anton Mesner and hypnosis

Part 64

  • The secret revealed

  • Why are some songs more popular than others?

  • sensitive female chord progression

  • Joan Osborne prime example of this chord progression as well as most popular music in all genres in last 50 years

  • four basic chords for pop music

  • Christian music also follow same chord progression?

  • Pachelbel’s Canon the foundation of this chord progression, even in rap (T.I. Whatever you Like)

  • four-chord repetition ad nauseum

  • progression sequence= minor 6, major 4, major 1, or major 5

Part 65 – missing

Part 66a

  • Hans Rudolf Giger – Alien (1979) oral sex implications, occult themes

  • Alien is actually baphomet

  • Giger a Newtonian and Kabbalist

Part 66b

  • Blondie – robotic narrative with Giger; “paradise for me, it’s hell,” says Giger

  • Giger and diamond hands

Part 67

  • Parts 1 & 2 – Alan Moore, Hollywood magician

  • magical commercial jingles

  • association between writers and magic

Part 68

  • The machine

  • Pink Floyd’s Machine

  • Dead Kennedys

  • Silibil ‘n’ Brains, faked their way into the industry, eventually found out and exposed the industry

  • The Drake, before he was signed

Part 69

  • product placement in the music industry

  • Run DMC and Adidas

  • “We gotta rock the Adidas over everything else”

  • “DMC stands for Devastating Mind Control”

  • Missy Elliot promotes Adidas

  • from shelltoes to Nike Air Force 1

  • Nelly and Air Jordans, says shoes are part of culture

  • Drake drinks Sprite and transforms

  • Lebron James, HP Laptop, pokerstars

Part 70 – missing

Part 71

  • Tru – Hoody Hoo

  • Go Go’s Belinda Carlisle, magic, spells, and the Church of Satan

  • Lips Unsealed excerpts

  • Heaven is A Place on Earth = Kabbalist messianism

  • electrical projection (high-voltage syndrome)

  • I Feel the Magic

  • I plead Insanity, one-eye symbolism masonic staircase

  • La Luna – moon worship

Part 72

  • Baphomet sightings

  • scientology - Ron Hubbard’s connection to Crowley and magic

  • The Simpsons and magic, Nancy Cartwright

  • DMX and Kat Von D in “The Bleeding”, baphomet

  • Wiz Khalifa, one eye, baphomet

  • Tom Cruise in leaked scientology video

  • Doug E Fresh interview

Part 72 Extra

  • KRS ONE – “Hip hop has built its own secret society”

Part 73

  • Gregg Alexander, New Radicals interview on Much Music and Break This!

Part 74 – Part 1

  • actress Sharon Tate—wife of Jewish pedophile Roman Polanski—occult ritual murder?

  • Tate’s first move was “Eye of the Devil” (1966)

  • occult whistleblower on Oprah says Illuminati sent Charles Manson to kill Tate, who wanted out of witchcraft

  • Tate found dead in hanged man position (twelfth trump or Major Arcana in most traditional Tarot decks)

  • all-seeing eye in “Eye of the Devil”

  • Tate wears eye of Horus; eye worshipped by coven of witches

  • John Todd on the Manson murders; Manson part of “Process” brotherhood, who practice human sacrifice

  • “The Fearless Vampire Killers,” movie in which Tate is a sacrifice

Part 74 – Part 2

  • Manson interview about Roman Polanski

  • Manson was pro-world government

  • Manson cultists speak

  • Carey Burtt film on mind control

  • Roman Polanski a director of snuff films at Bohemian Grove?

  • Manson tells Ronald Reagan Junior that we’ve got to have a one-world government

  • Manson parrots United Nations Agenda 21 propaganda

  • Revolution 9 written for Manson?

Part 75

-Lindsay Lohan the next Illuminati sacrifice

  • Lohan plays role as Sharon Tate

  • Lohan and Tyler Shields in murderous portrayals

  • Randy Quaid concerned for Lohan’s life

  • Lohan has a Masonic stalker threatening to kill her

  • The Soul of a Monster foretells star whacking

Part 76

  • Easy E death an Illuminati hit?

  • victims of the game

  • Bone Thugz n Harmony speak of murder conspiracy of Easy E

  • Suge Knight makes alludes to shooting somebody with an aids needle

Part 77

  • robotic agenda – the electrical retribalization of society

  • Jewish technocrat Ray Kurzweil pushes robotic agenda

  • transcendental man trailer

  • technology and globalization

  • The Google Effect

  • Marshall McLuhan speaks about electrical retribalizaiton

Part 78

  • Frank Zappa interviews

  • TV mind control

  • CNN techniques, video news release (VNR)

  • AIDS manufactured

Part 79

  • Frank Zappa smells a rat

  • Obama and the music industry


David Sherman