@nu_mindframe: Men are extremely afraid of emotional pain.
Alice Clearwater

Men are extremely afraid of emotional pain. They don't know how to process it well so they just avoid it. It's quite sad actually because avoiding taking that risk means avoiding the possibility of finding someone good to share life with

Women get their heartbroken, cry it out to friends and family, and move forward to find the man they deserve. Men get their heart broken, bottle it up because they don't have a safe outlet, and swear off love forever. This doesn't apply to everyone of course

Last time I got my heart broken I cried to anyone who would listen (lol) and the pain still almost made me shut my heart off. I can only imagine what would've happened if I kept all those feelings bottled up. I'd probably swear off love too

I forgot I gotta start attaching my point to these types of threads lol. Point: yes everyone is afraid of heartbreak. But in general men are taught to suppress their emotions and "man up" so they typically don't know how to process emotions well

Not having a safe outlet to express emotions = keeping them bottled up = internalizing the pain = being more fearful of the pain.

Yes this can happen to women too but I'm not talking about that right now. Because typically women are "allowed" to cry and express their emotions