[1/2] @reptiliascope: Post 9-11 Internet / Propaganda
Alice Clearwater

I remember growing up in the 2000's with media going nuts around 9/11, you have the online perspective, media perspective, but also remembering being blared "Proud to be American" for the entire high school period, and the 'tragedy industry'

Sometimes I think of how Superflat in Japan deals with overindulged fantasy in post-war escapism vs American's sorta peer-induced individuality in post-war capitalism

>Living in America

Actually, last thing to add here, is that recently my sister commented on how some pop music had disco elements and she didn't understood why it fell off, until I told her how a DJ who lost his job used his status to turn a stunt into a anti-disco movement, showing her YT vids.

She was actually stunned any of that happened, to be honest.