How people took advantaged of a social-media divided America [via SUNNY]
Alice Clearwater

Charlie: I thought you were into guns, why you been on TV talking about all that shit?

Frank: I brought a stake in Gunther Guns, I got everybody angry and scared, they bought the guns, I made a fortune!

Dennis: Oh my god, this is crazy, so you don't give a shit of the gun issue at all? I mean, what the hell, you're like the NRA!

Frank: Eh, A little bit, tiny bit, I think of myself more like Al Gore, you know, he got everyone worked up over global warming, then he made millions!

Mac: Huh?!

Frank: Yeah, everyone does it, liberals, conservatives, doesn't matter! This is America, you're either a duper, or a dupee. I'm the duper,

[Frank, the rich person on the show, points to the fighting gang who are underclass and living on scraps]

Frank: You guys are the dupees!