The 4 Design Changes Facebook Should Really Make
Alice Clearwater

. . . But Facebook Must Address The Real Problem

Ricks pointed out that while Facebook can and should make changes to its user interface, it has a far more fundamental problem: a business model that relies on capturing huge amounts of user data:

“In my opinion, the biggest issue that Facebook needs to address is its business model that relies on data surveillance,” Ricks says. “Facebook is one actor in a complex web of data brokers, digital services, political organizations, social platforms, and financial institutions that have profited off the mass exploitation of people’s data. Until that changes, I worry that Facebook may just be making cosmetic fixes to its platform.”

And for Broskoski, the company’s surveillance business model is the primary reason for its design–and why superficial fixes to the interface won’t necessarily change the dynamic between the company and its users:

“Facebook’s design is motivated by their business model, not their users’ needs,” he says. “It will be almost impossible for Facebook to design their way out of the current fiasco as long as their primary incentive is to sell people’s attention and information to advertisers. Facebook’s leadership would have to completely restructure the company in order to focus on users’ aspirations, interactions, and well-being.”