great guy, hardworking attitude, automatic sprinkler. 49th St. M Train. This is. This is what its like to be one. heart racing. eyes throbbing from pressure. is that japanese? i spit on you and your entire family for what you did to us. congealed . excuse me. get out of my go - i dont understand french one bit but i thought the body language was relinquished.
Relinquished. DARK. Sacrifice one. Save them all. Thousand-eyes Idol polymerization Thousand Eyes Restrict staring piercing stabbing gouging perceiving ME AS I WALK DOWN THE STREET. thanks. but no thanks. really. straight down down down and over. for you. posture: impish. releac. relaz . relax. great guy GREAT guy. hardworking. Attitude, Automatic Sprinkler . snicker. 49th Street! hm. Kinokuniya. it would be a shame if snakes poured out of you and took bites until your silhouette crumbled, the poor thing, until you were shambling; just oozing as formless as he was, And is And will be. shame on you. you ought to be. doom. sorry, DOOM:

… Looks like it's gonna be a great day today. not feel, look. with your eyes. ...

target 1 monster your opponent controls; inflicts equal damage to your opponent. oh to be consumed, bubbling to the top in a mass of scab and regurgling flesh. together forever. fused body, same pain. rinse, and repeat 'til nothing remains. 0. resolve. restart. repatriate. thumb to middle rubbing. what did it remind you of something horrible. What, did it remind you of something horrible? standing there, repeating, cycling in your head triggered by an oncoming car or perhaps a firework. blame the chinese, haha. jpanese, whatver. all the same anyway. compared to whatever was going on inside grandpa's head that night he chose to lash out and teach everybody the hard way the border between man and animal . crossing over was traumatic but you made it almost 30 years why stop now. yeah. blame yourself. salute.

15:15/ 11823/ ネアtlyあっランゲd


this is a very dark, ominous poem.

it (titled 'neatly arranged') is a strange combination of journaling my day, abstract string of consciousness writing, and meditative reflection for self-therepeutic purposes. please enjoy with hot tea, in a comfortable position with soft lighting.

luuuuk Pa