@andreuswolf: The alt-right can't develop positive relationships because their unity is centered on hate
Alice Clearwater

Okay, so can we talk about something, guys? I'm seeing a ton of posts like this about the alt-right slowly but surely falling to pieces in a shower of recrimination, spite and loathing.

I'm gonna give you the perspective of an ex-white nationalist.

The reason that this is happening is very simple: they don't have positive relationships with each other. That seems almost tautological, but actually, if you dig a little bit deeper, it's that they CAN'T have positive relationships with each other.

I can't remember a single time during my tenure as an internet white nationalist that I had emotionally fulfilling, long-term contact with any other white nationalist. In fact, the vast majority of contact I had with them was anonymised on image boards and reddit.

All the real, important friends I had, the people I loved and valued and cared about, weren't white nationalist, and I felt compelled to hide my beliefs from them because I was terrified that I'd lose them if they knew what I really thought.

Some people I felt compelled to "convert," and others I just tried to keep as isolated from my beliefs as I possibly could so I wouldn't lose them. But I never built any sort of lasting relationship with anyone on the far-right. Maybe I didn't want to, since I wasn't deep in.

So the stereotype of the 4chan internet alt-righter who's constantly lonely and miserable... it's not quite true. But I'd be willing to bet that a lot of the people who don't fit that stereotype are only not lonely and not miserable around people who AREN'T alt-right.

If you've ever been to a politics imageboard, it's a deeply unhappy place. It's pretty much just racial slurs, doomsaying, whining about leftists and people bemoaning their unsatisfying lives.

Now, some people will try to offer emotional support, but it's scattershot and sickly

Emotional vulnerability is seen as unmasculine and weak. They want to have white children but they largely hate white women. Often they can't relate to their parents or other family members. Almost all discussions have this really unpleasant, negative cast to them.

They keep telling each other they should feel proud to have a connection to a supposedly glorious heritage of white culture, art and science, but they almost exclusively eaxmine that in the context of how modern society is depraved, degraded and on the brink of utter collapse.

They're united entirely by negatives: hatred of other races, hated of women, hatred of LGBT folks, hatred of modern society, and most importantly hatred of self. I can't remember one white nationalist I've interacted with - myself included - who wasn't stricken with self-loathing

And the shared interests they could positively bond over are always somehow unsuitable. Anime is "degenerate." Video games are "infested by SJWs." Modern literature is "garbage." Films are mostly made by Hollywood which is "Jewish." Contemporary TV is "cultural Marxism."

This isn't to say that the alt-right doesn't personally partake of any of these things, only that somehow they always find a way - intentionally or unintentionally - to make each other feel guilty about enjoying them.

I think one of the best things about leaving white nationalism behind was when, to a certain extent, I was able to just... unironically and unconditionally enjoy things again. I didn't have to worry whether they were some sort of secret cultural Marxist plot.

These people don't have any bonds other than a mutual loathing of certain things. That's not a stable foundation upon which to build a mutually beneficial relationship. They just happen to hate the same things, and hate is a very poisonous emotion to feel on a regular basis.

Even the original Nazis understood you had to mix up the hate with talk about self-reliance, entrepreneurism, agrarianism, honest labour, art, pride, family, brotherhood, cameraderie, etc.

It was all lies, of course, but it provided something other than "Jews bad" to talk about.

So it's no surprise to me whatsoever that white nationalists are screwing each other's wives and informing on other members they have personal issues with to the FBI. To them it's an alliance of neccessity against a mutual enemy that they can't really definitely describe or name.