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In using family photographs in this project as my base data material, I aim to reference these established rituals of affirming one’s identity, and converge them with the use of biometric data as verification for identity. In extracting biometrics from my family photos, in a futile way, I seek some kind of static truth in them. I dilute them, stripping them of their emotional and cultural contexts, down to their mathematized value. And in aesthetically reinterpreting this data, I highlight biometric data collection as not only a reductive process but perhaps a productive process in its creation of new externalized, alternative representations of identity. The form in which I encode and archive this biometric data as a way of producing something rather than just translating. I create my own aesthetic lexicon of preserving and archiving notions of identity. Through creating this multilayered archive of family photos, facial recognition data, and data visualizations, I explore the aesthetic, emotional, and personal relationships between these three different methodologies of situating, preserving, and affirming identity.

Added 7 months ago by Aarati Akkapeddi
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