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John Coney and Sun Ra 
Added 7 months ago by Bryce Wilner
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John Coney and Sun Ra 
Coney, John, _Space is the Place_ (1974). [Drunk walks into Sun Ra’s Outer Space Employment Agency] Drunk: My man, what's happenin? Sun Ra: Everything is happenin. Drunk: What is this... I mean what... where am I? Who is you? Sun Ra: I am everything, and nuthin. Drunk: Nuthin? Well you betta tell me about this nuthin stuff, cause, uh, I need a job. I... I don't know what to do. Sun Ra: What have you been doin lately? Drunk: Uh huh uh, nuthin, really, nuthin. Sun Ra: How long have you been doing nuthin? Drunk: Quite some time. Quite some time. Sun Ra: You must be an expert at it. Drunk: Got my B.A., ya see. Sun Ra: We'll hire you to do that. Drunk: How much I get paid, man? Sun Ra: Nuthin. Drunk: Nuthin? NUTHIN? I got to have sumthin so I can get me anotha botty. I can't go for that shit!
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