@criprights: You will not radicalise my child in his own bedroom.
Alice Clearwater

My son, last night. Talks to me about Jordan Peterson, then suddenly, alarmingly, switches to denounce Islam. We talk long into the night. He did not know that we live less than 30mins from a detention centre. Horrified. You will not radicalise my child in his own bedroom.

'If they are not doing anything wrong, why do we lock them up?' Because they are not like us, son. 'But Islam is a violent religion. Do you know about the Quoran? The refugees are all Muslims. They could be criminals.' Many of the men in detention are from NZ, son.

'Then why are we locking them up? Where are they being locked up?' I show him pictures of Nauru, Manus. Of children deprived of their parents. Of the razor wire at Yongah Hill. The statistics about how long asylum seekers are detained. He looks, and looks. Speechless.

We turn to the Quoran. 'Violent', he has said, so we fact check that too. Against the Bible, the Torah. Fact is, son, that people will use their Holy Books in any way they like. In Oz, one of the biggest act of terrorism was when abortion clinics were blown up by Christians.

We talk about Peterson, who neither of us consider to be a white supremacist. I ask him if he thinks he is dogwhistling to those who are. He says there is no KKK in this country. I show him a video of Blair Cottrell in a public place, intimidating a man in a pink leotard.

And after this discussion my son, who is a thoughtful young man who has not enough time out of his bedroom, asks, 'Those people in Northam - can you visit them?' Not usually, I say. I could try and arrange it, though. He looks thoughtful. I would like to, he decides.

The reason I am speaking about this is because it is important. The influence of the Bedroom YouTube Church of Jordan Peterson casts far and wide and those young men searching for an alt/god embrace his ideas with the same zealousness as those antiabortionists did their Book.

And btw, Peterson does not speak out openly against Islam. Except that one time 'that the supposed alliance between feminists and radical Islamists existed because Western feminists secretly craved totalitarian domination by masculine men'. And that 'Mohammad was a warlord'.

How do young men become radicalised? we ask in this country. By living in a bubble, is the answer. Institutionalised thinking is a thing. No censorship for us, but we will be going to the detention centre & the mosque & every fucking feminist event I can find next month.

Women, talk to your sons. If they are in their bedrooms, go sit by them, side by side, and listen to them talking excitedly about the new ideas they have discovered and the new gurus on the block. Don't stop them, but give them other viewpoints and influences. Parenting.

And lastly - fuck you, Pauline Hanson.