(How) Trumpism is a Cult - Eudaimonia and Co
Alice Clearwater

What’s the Trumpists equivalent of the Hare Krishna chant? It’s Twitter and Facebook. Click, retweet, like, zap. Pile on and join the latest mob. The Trumpists seem to spend all day, every day, glued to social media, don’t they? Much more so than the average person. I don’t think studies have been done — but they should, because I’d bet they’d show that Trumpists use social media so intensively, so addictively, it’s like a form of massively self-medicating all the tactics above to themselves — thought control, apocalyptic faith-testing, social isolationism. What happens to a person that’s busy addictively self-administering the beliefs of their own ruin, provoking the apocalypse, crying out for self-destruction?