@TransEthics: TERFS abusing Twitter Algorthm reporting simular to Gamergate
Alice Clearwater

T/E/R/F/s create not only an account for themselves, but about a dozen or so 'sock puppet' accounts each. THEN they pick a target (usually a trans woman who uses their favorite "slur" – usually 'cis' or the Well Known Acronym – and get all their friends and all their socks to report for SPAM, "hate speech", targeted harassment, and the GODS know what else. This overwhelms @Twitter's algorithms and the account is locked, suspended, or banned.

You have basically about 50 people reporting from about 600 accounts.

Earlier today, one person created at least 4 accounts with the specific intent to harass me. I reported them, and @TwitterSupport stated that "there was no evidence of harassment."

So they can abuse trans women with impunity, but if I reply and say "F*ck T*RFs" I'll get banned.

Want receipts? I'll happily provide them for @TwitterSupport, @PinkNews, @dailydot, @huffpostqueer, @them, @into, or anyone else willing to listen beyond my follower base.

But I wil not subject my followers to more of their terfy BS because I did enough of that yesterday.

My followers already know this shit happens. It happens to me, it happens to them, and it happens at an ALARMING RATE.

Twitter can write an algorithm to lock an account that includes "Elon Musk" in the moniker, they claim that they can't do shit about the transphobes and nazis.

So yeah… people need to wake up & pay attention because the oppressed are being oppressed further by the actions of T/E/R/Fs who silence us. And no one outside seems to listen or care. After all, we're just a bunch of "whiney trannies", right? Not like we're PEOPLE or anything.