Diane's review of "Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now" - Quick guide to Jaron Lanier's arguments
Alice Clearwater

This is an interesting manifesto about how social media is destroying our souls and our society, but unfortunately, this book isn't well-written. It's skimmable, at best.

Here's a quick guide to Lanier's arguments:

> 1 - You are losing your free will.
> 2 - Quitting social media is the most finely targeted way to resist the insanity of our times.
> 3 - Social media is making you into an asshole.
> 4 - Social media is undermining truth.
> 5 - Social media is making what you say meaningless.
> 6 - Social media is destroying your capacity for empathy.
> 7 - Social media is making you unhappy.
> 8 - Social media doesn't want you to have economic dignity.
> 9 - Social media is making politics impossible.
> 10 - Social media hates your soul.

As someone who has already quit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I was prepared to read Lanier's argument with the passion of the newly converted. Some of his arguments ring true — especially how quickly we can behave like assholes on social media — but I didn't buy everything, and the poor writing made it more difficult to follow. Although this is a short book (146 pages) it felt dense and heavy.

However, reading about the behavior modification that is happening because of addiction to our smartphones, I will continue to make efforts to PUT THE DAMN PHONE AWAY. Always a good goal.