Dear Coop,

Why is there no WiFi? I believe that access to the internet is a right. A community space, budget allowing, should always offer free WiFi.

Why should there be WiFi? Not everyone has an unlimited data plan. Not everyone has access to WiFi at home. I wonder how many people are expected to answer to work emails and messages while working or shopping at the CoOp. It would be great to count on the CoOp, a space that we all put a lot of time and energy into, for access to WiFi. In turn WiFi will give members access to their extended community, their place of work, car sharing services like Car2Go, the list goes on! Most obviously members can freely access all kinds of information!

Internet service doesn’t have to come from the big dogs either! Community owned wifi, using mesh networking technology, is a possibility we should consider!

I went to the office to ask about the possibility of WiFi and I received a hard NO without explanation. I am writing here to see if anyone can offer an explanation. I would be really interested to know.

This letter is a question, not a demand. I am simply looking for more information and people who are also interested in bringing WiFi to the members of the CoOp.

August 2, 2018 By Emma
emma rae bruml norton