Dear Emma Rae,

You have raised an excellent topic regarding the possibility of free Wi-Fi at the Coop. The primary reason the Coop has not provided this is cost, which we estimate would be at least $30,000 for initial setup, and recurring annual expenses of at least $28,000.

In our fiscal year 2018, our net income was $38,006. As your letter acknowledged, budgets may not always allow for provision of things like Wi-Fi, and we are very focused on low prices. With gross margins that are less than half of other large food coops, Park Slope Food Coop members save on groceries every time they shop. In addition, our recent IT spending and the time and attention of our paid IT staff has favored business-critical projects, such as updating our inventory system, as well as projects to meet sustained member requests, like providing additional web-based services to members. Check out our other new Member Services at!

August 2, 2018, By Editors
emma rae norton