@CaseyExplosion: TERFS are astroturfing on Twitter
Alice Clearwater

I found that I'm having to block way more TERFs lately, but on closer scrutiny, they all seem to be sockpuppet or bot accounts. Registered within the last month, either September or October, often the same use of avatar, heavy use of hashtags... This is pure astroturfing.

I'm seeing so many accounts that are downright identical to these, and they've all just cropped up in the last month, like it's a botting campaign or something, folks registering sockpuppets so they can boost hashtags, easily brigade topics, etc. All ahead of the GRA. Weird, huh?

My point in bringing this up is that so much of the current opposition to trans people is just smoke and mirrors. The same evangelicals wearing the mask of feminism. The same TERFs registering account after account to boost their numbers and game twitter's algorithms and brigade.