@DiscordianKitty quote-tweeting, mobs and outrage machine
Alice Clearwater

For the record, quote-tweeting someone to your 1.68 mil followers with a purposeful & inflamatory misreading of that person's tweet and message so that that person will be swarmed with a mob of your outraged fans shouting at them for something they didn't even say is intimidation

Ben Shapiro did not "express disagreement" with me. He claimed I said something outrageous that I didn't say, loudly demanded I explain why I meant it, and did this in front of 1.68 million followers knowing it would mean my mentions would be a nightmare for the next few days

So because I said something Ben Shapiro doesn't like, I can barely use Twitter. My mentions are clogged with angry reactionals who, half the time, are screaming about things I didn't even say.

I'm getting floods of messages, every tweet I sent is being followed by angry reactionals who are Out There To Prove I'm Wrong and I'm being added to lists with names like "pedophiles" and "libtards". Because I said seeing a lot of a thing normalises that thing.

Ironically, this hasn't upset me nearly as much as it might have, because I'm used to it. I lived through Gatorgate, I've lived through being sent death threats from South African white supremacists. I can handle it.

One could almost say a large amount of exposure to right-wing, reactionary hate mobs on Twitter has normalised the whole process for me.