hallowing chanboard culture
hallowing chanboard culture
Alice Clearwater

It's funny when you think about it. One of the biggest things that have helped move former liberals toward more radical left wing politics is the rise of the far right. They take a much harder stance when faced with white nationalist agitation. And so many white nationalists today got pulled in because Anita Sarkeesian hurt their fee-fees with her little video series. Videos that retread old ideas better addressed elsewhere. Videos that would have immediately faded into obscurity if insecure proto-nâzįs hadn't melted down over them.

Just think, if you fucking losers had shut the fuck up about "the SJWs" and calmed your collective tits, there would be next to no Marxist presence online, chanboard culture would likely still be going strong, and you would all be able to just relax and play video games like you always wanted. Your insane, irrational overreaction has torn apart everything you once loved, and turned your beloved chanboard culture into a hollowed out, irrelevant shell. You get to live in a nightmare of your own creation, and the irony is delicious.

Remember the online pranks? The surreal jokes? The camaraderie? There was a time when people would stick up for you and give you the benefit of the doubt. It was fun back then, and then you all decided that unironic far right psychosis would be a good idea. You drove out all the fun pranksters and replaced them with sociopaths. You turned the funny people against you and doubled down on stale memes. You started purging anyone and everyone that wouldn't tow the far right line. You gaslit people who could no longer give you the benefit of the doubt. And now it's all dead, and you killed it.