I Survived a Japanese Game Show (S3 E1)
Alice Clearwater

I Survived a Japanese Game Show was an American reality show that saw its first season premiere on ABC June 24, 2008. The show followed a group of Americans, who leave the United States for Japan where they competed in a Japanese style game show.

Majide (which is Japanese slang for "Seriously?!"), the show-within-the-show, was not an actual Japanese game show, but was intended to resemble a stereotypical Japanese game show. The American producers watched hours of Japanese game shows, took the most common elements and created all of the games, with help from producers in Japan, who also produced the game segments at Toho Studios.

-Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Survived_a_Japanese_Game_Show)

Note that the show uses two different types of frameworks for it's presentation - it uses the aesthetic of American parasocial reality show with the contestants, while the Japanese show-within-a-show program is filmed with the aesthetic of the stereotypical viral video of Japanese game/panel shows prominent during the early 2000's.