@xkeepah: a nontrivial amount of the problem is that hosting stuff isn't free and as such you're always beholden to what ~the market~ deems acceptable
Alice Clearwater

tumblr's format was always garbage but it was tolerable as there wasn't really any good alternatives. and there still aren't.

a nontrivial amount of the problem is that hosting stuff isn't free and as such you're always beholden to what ~the market~ deems acceptable

it's impossible to count the number of places that have let users upload or post things only to shut down with little or no warning forever, and there's nothing anybody could do about it

most 'free' hosts are also more than happy to ruin the quality of whatever you post (twitter) or otherwise decide to have their own way with it, too

this is just reminding me of my various threads on "gentrification of the internet" "sorry, you and your kind are no longer allowed here, we need to reform ourselves to better fit algorithms/ads/whatever"

there's another awful realization lurking in this, too -- when you acknowledge that the big corps are bulldozing our spaces, and those spaces aren't free to create, either (due to ... said companies)

the people who need them most are the most ill-equipped to create them

I don't even really know what to do. A big company isn't going to care about preserving history or spaces that they can't profit off of. Historical Building A isn't going to earn them money; bulldozing it and erecting some megatower shopping center will

same on the 'net.

even in some of the few places that /are/ dominated by minority and marginalized groups, these people still try to make inroads

see: dennys (+ all the other crap corporate) tumblr, the secondlife mess, etc.

this seems to be a big theme across a lot of spaces. (inexhaustive list.)
- livejournal (bought by russia, mass exodus)
- steam (queer games? deleted/delisted)
- youtube (demonetizing and delisting for the crime of mentioning lgbtqia+ content at all)
- twitter (too much to list)

(it's a bit conflated, but you also see this emphasis on queer issues being treated as "adult" or "explicit" -- even while the same issues, from a cis/het perspective, are deemed OK and reasonable)

idk what to do, honestly. the entire system is rigged against us in pretty much every possible way; in a lot of cases, there's not even a human involved in the process at all (see: Twitter, YouTube suspensions) unless you're one of the largest people, and even then

it's also extremely telling (and sad) that the most common reaction i see, including from myself, is humor. "female-identifying nipple", we all get a laugh at, or the 125-rt and counting TrackPoint™ Pointing Device

there's just too much of this now to process any other way

there's nothing we can do about it and it fucking sucks.

on a side take, there's an interesting perspective here about platform guardians, even beyond this.

apple's coming up because there are rumors they're partially behind the tumblr exodus (and i believe it)

the internet was always going on about "net neutrality" and "save the net"

what good does a neutral net do if the tools you can access with it are not neutral? what good is it if the platform owner can arbitrarily decide that nobody can see something?

Telegram on iOS doesn't allow you to join certain groups because they're deemed "adult content" -- allowing that would violate the rules they must follow to be on Apple's app store

There is no way to circumvent it without breaking even more of their rules.

idk, it's a tough situation and there's probably no right answer, certainly not from some pinhead like me. But I can at least say that all of this is just absolutely wrong.

I guess that's it, then.

Shoutouts (in the form of big fuck yous) go to our overlords at Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, Apple, Google, and pretty much every other "platform" that arbitrarily decides who lives and who dies based on always-changing rules on what is most profitable.