@Angry_Gr0bi: Artists AREN'T really meant to create in a corporate world
Alice Clearwater

Artists AREN'T really meant to create.

Not in a corporate world, they aren't. Not in a world ruled by entities like Disney. The artist's job is NOT to create. Not directly.

Their job is to submit assets that can be owned, which is quite a difference.

Whether those assets are 70 years old or 70 minutes, it doesn't really matter.

The point is that it needs to be under control, under CORPORATE control, otherwise it serves no purpose.

That may kill all creativity, but that's a worthy price to pay from a corporate perspective.

Remember that Disney is lobbying for the abolishment of the public domain (and frankly, it is 100% a given they will get their wish).

For no other reason than the possibility to own EVERYTHING in pop-culture... basically forever.

The ripple-effect is our problem, not theirs.

Art is already severely restricted under the current copyright rules, and that's with the public domain still existing.

Fanworks and remix culture exist in a constant state of legal limbo because corporations can't allow anything to NOT be owned by them.

It'll only get worse.