@CaseyExplosion: PragerU's funding from Wilks brothers
Alice Clearwater

It's worth keeping in mind that PragerU has a yearly budget of $10,000,000. The majority of their funding comes from fracking billionaires, Wilks brothers.

This "culture war" nonsense is being bankrolled by fossil fuel magnates.

"But why spend millions on silly crap like this?" I hear you ask?

Because the oil barons have made climate change a left-wing partisan issue through years of propaganda, and try to paint all those on the left as dangerous/ridiculous. It's all climate chance denial by proxy.

> This tactic is especially effective because they only need to succeed at convincing people that they are right on any ONE subject. Conservatives benefit way more from single issue voters.

>Remember during the Alabama senate race how many voters admitted that Roy Moore was a poor candidate but voted for him anyway because he is anti-choice.

>I found out this thanksgiving that my parents voted for Ted Cruz (a man they strongly despise) only because they were convinced by a conspiracy theory that Dr. Ford was paid to accuse Kavanaugh by Democrats and the didn’t want to give dems any more power in the senate