Infopocalypse is clocking in at 600 blocks, so the challenge is to translate the pre-organized batch of articles into something coherent.

The basic narrative is the corporatization/capitalist change of the internet has created the chaos we're experiencing. Generations have been used to TV & Radio at this point, so it doesn't carry the same radicalization effect as it did on introduction.

The problem with the internet 2000's and later, is that engagement and socializing has been converted to a commodification you pay for, shown by the loss of agency - Inability to fight against troll campaigns, being 'forced' into groups though timeline manipulation and data tracking, the use of cultivated identity and memes to steal culture from the 99%, Internet censorship and disinformation.

Though the internet, the rich, and all the old reactionary fucks, they managed to turn reality into a pyramid scheme though the way of cognitive manipulation. What's worse, the people who aren't in the grift to get rich, who believes all the misinformation and manipulation, have taken faith to forcefully resurrect Jesus Christ, and is supporting the disastrous actions on belief they will be saved. The lower level of people who don't believe it, and aren't in the grift, has let their emotions turn them into #MAGA sleeper-cell terrorists.

This is the reality of the infopocalyse.

  • Follow the money: Libertarians, Republicans, Evangelists, Tories, Fossil Fuel families, Centrist-Establishment Democrats.

Arranging all of this was very possible though how works. Thanks for letting me sorta do all of this here and hopefully it is not a strain on the site functionality. Goal is to get steady work in 2019 and would like to help out at some point once it's secure. ❤️&🕊️

Infopocalyse fieldnotes (2016 - 2018)
Alice Clearwater