@SpaceDoctorPhD: Timeline of SESTA-FOSTA leading culture ban though sex work
Alice Clearwater

I researched Facebook's new Community Standards targeting queer users. Here's the TL;DR
⭐ The change reportedly came in mid-October
⭐ It doesn't just impact Facebook, it also affects Messenger and Instagram
⭐ It's a major blow to queer cruising groups

I'm now going to take the next few minutes to show you the timeline for how we got here.

In March SESTA-FOSTA passed Congress. The bill conflates consensual sex work with sex trafficking, holds websites responsible for ads with the latter, and led to a shut down of various websites and web pages sex workers use.

This led to Craigslist shutting down personals

Sex workers gradually lost their websites as services like Wix began targeting their pages. SESTA-FOSTA gave these hosting companies the perfect cover to remove SWers once and for all.

Other services joined in. Discord removed NSFW material from Partnered Servers after originally giving containment channels the all-clear.

Steam nearly took down myriad games with adult content too

Then the Tumblr ban hits. Vox reports this has been in the work for "about six months," according to a former Tumblr engineer. The reason? Verizon wants to sell ads but companies don't want to touch porn. This is going on just months after SESTA-FOSTA.

We also have social media platforms like Snapchat, which was clearly founded for sexting, suddenly trying to backtrack and get rid of the very people that built up the platform.

This is a long process and a timeline. Nothing here happened overnight. This is why it's important to a) pay attention when bans and anti-SW laws are passed, and b) LISTEN TO SEX WORKERS