@velvetblade: Paris & Brussels "protests" follow same radicalization patterns as USA/Brexit/Kenya
Alice Clearwater

They are doing it again.

If you don’t understand the Paris & Brussels “protests” are manufactured & manipulated using the same methods & nudges of radicalization as in US, Brexit, Kenya & other countries then you have been sleeping.

Wakie. Wakie.

Cambridge Analytica/SCL did this literally all over the globe.

Nix: "We just ghosted in."

And then manipulated the shit out of people using the same tactics we learned in fighting counter-terrorism and radicalization.

Ex:KENYA but it's everywhere.

Exploiting tribal fractures.

"Those elements included social media videos that played to the fears of the electorate, warning that a victory by opposition leader Raila Odinga would lead to disease, famine and terrorism."

In KENYA, based on legit looking work SCL did for the gov, they identified politics that's very ethnic based - deeply engrained in the culture and stemming from British colonialism.

It's a tinderbox waiting for the right nudge. Just one spark...

SCL was happy to oblige. For a long time.

Spark 1: 2007

In 2007 - Kenya looked like it was on it's way towards democracy and then record election corruption & violence was weaponized.

Results of Spark 1: 2007

Manipulated riots, protests, violence & murder.

"In addition to staging several non-violent protests, opposition supporters went on a violent rampage killing Kikuyus.

Ethnic cleansing became electoral campaign strategy.

By the time the violence calmed down, over 1300 people were dead and 600,000 were displaced. Still more suffered rape, assault, arson, and other crimes.

From manipulating division to win an election.

Let that sink in.

For those interested in understanding how this manipulation works again & again, this is report on the how, why and what in KENYA's election violence and crimes against humanity.

Pushed to win an election.... https://reliefweb.int/sites/reliefweb.int/files/resources/15A00F569813F4D549257607001F459D-Full_Report.pdf

SPARK 2: 2012 for 2013 election

Cambridge Analytica/SCL was at it in KENYA again in 2012.

Things go a little sideways and @chrisinsilico reports that his predecessor, Romanian Dan Mursean, was potentially murdered in his KENYAN hotel room

In 2012/2013, SCL's favorite corrupt, right wing candidate, Kenyatta, was being investigated by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity from the prior election violence and ensuing genocide.

SCL backed Kenyatta anyway.

SCL had to tread carefully in this election. A court ruled that elections were to be postponed, unless there was a repeat of the violence from 2007.

So when SCL began to exploit tensions of land and water rights, and both candidates blamed the other of corruption in this regards, the big boys had to step in to tell them to knock it off.

This was such a heated topic, it was considered incitement.

At least 48 people were hacked to death over land and water rights during the election in Kenya in 2013.

Hacked to death. Because the tinder was sparked to win an election.

Think about that.

Spark 3: 2015 - election 2017

Taking what we know about the data scraping and manipulation the SCL (Cambridge Analytica) mastered, it's important to note KENYA has no data protection laws.

@VickerySec has shown how the AIQ (another arm of SCL/Cambridge Analytica) apps, with uCampaign, scraped phone data.

Kenya has 90% cell phone penetration. Largely due to programs designed to get phones into the hands of everyone.

Multinational corporations and some government grants later - penetration of the cell phone in Kenya went from 2/100 to nearly 90/100 in 2016.

Keep in mind a handful of billionaires hijacked global democracies. This might be opportunistic, or not.

Election violence - in 2017 less than 100 were killed this time.

But as we have seen in UK and US - if you can't win, cheat.

Mass violence after voter fraud was reported.

Some of the electoral tactics have changed.

Just like the GOP RedMap that gerrymandered some states so death, so too did SCL also focus on governorships in KENYA.

In this article discussing the election violence, it echoes the tactics that SCL used in Tonga & Trinidad, using youth to spark unrest. This has also been used in other countries.

In struggling countries, $20 buys food & clothes for your family.

In 2007, violence against Kenyan women spiked. In 2017, over 65 women were raped for political gain over two months.

Think about that. SCL stoked tensions. Women get raped. People are murdered. To win elections.

There is so much more that can be posted on this topic from all over the globe. They have a method. They follow it. Over & over.

So when violent protests break out & it is pushed as being anti-EU/anti-Western pause a moment to think - Why?

The media may over dramatically call it insurrection. Sexy headline no? Corporations run news for profit. Mostly good reporting comes out, but this does too.

I call it manipulation. And they should be looking into the cause not the symptom.