@bombsfall: I forget that like no parents know about [online radicalization issues]
Alice Clearwater

We hung out with a friend last night who mentioned that her 5year old son watches a lot of YouTube videos and I made a joke about right wing radicalization via algorithm and she was like "wait...what?

And I said you know like when you watch a video about Legos and the next recommended video is some nazi talking about how immigrants are ruining Western Lego sets. And she said "Nazis? There are Nazis on YouTube?" and I was like oh god so uh let me explain

I forget that like no parents know about any of this.

But I said hey if you're aware of what's there you can keep on top of it and have discussions so no worries and she said "well he mostly just watches videos about Fortnite" and I was like yeah so to reiterate,

I mean if you're an actual normal person who isn't particularly online and doesn't have cursed knowledge about YouTube dot com of course this is going to be something you didn't think to think about. Like you're more worried about bad language or dangerous imitatable actions.