Facebook, Twitter Solicit Outside Groups, Often on the Right, to Referee Political Speech
Alice Clearwater

(original article paywalled: https://www.wsj.com/articles/facebook-twitter-solicit-outside-groups-often-on-the-right-to-referee-political-speech-11546966779?mod=e2tw)

The world's biggest social-media companies, under fire for failing to police content on their sites, have invited an array of outside groups to help them figure out who should be banned and what's considered unacceptable.

That solution is creating a new set of problems -- public fights, complaints and legal battles.

Silicon Valley giants Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Google's YouTube unit have made a concerted push to seek out input from hundreds of groups, a growing number of which lean to the right. The companies have become receptive to behind-the-scenes lobbying as well.