@Opwolverines: The Rashomon Effect
Alice Clearwater

Thread: Piecing together the calamity from the #Covington students that were attending the anti-abortion march in DC and their altercation with others at the Lincoln memorial.

Research in bias, cognitive dissonance presented in a timeline of events via OSINT video footage.

First, there isn’t a single video showing what happened. Currently there are a prevelance of short 5-10 second videos which encourages the viewer to impart their own bias as to what happened.

Keep that in mind when watching the next links to videos.

Video 1, The students interact with activists that were already on the steps of the memorial. The students and activists are tense; the students summon their 1 of 2 minority students. “Armand” shows, the activists warn him he should “get out”.

The preachers are loud, interact with vigor with everyone, and can be characterized as hostile at times. Keep this in mind for later.

After the interaction between the students and the activists, the students descend into a mob, with one truffle-shuffling his way into becoming a de facto rabble rouser.

The next video- Nathan Phillips comes between the activists and the students, stopping with 10-15 feet in front of the students, and between the activists.

The students then crowd #NathanPhillips, as seen how the activists and Phillips are in the same spot in the previous video.

It’s important to note an interview of #NathanPhillips matches this evidence of getting between the activists and students.

This is The Rashomon effect in action: when the same event is given contradictory interpretations by different individuals involved.

Propagandists will take advantage of the speculation and spin their own narrative to support their cause and to delay/offset cognitive dissonance in their targeted group, much like this:

>Mike Cernovich: Full video showing you what happened today. and more importantly, who approached whom. He was not surrounded.

What is known, is people like #NathanPhillips is a national treasure. We need more virtuous men and women like him; perhaps these children can learn a thing from him.


Addendum 1: Rhetoric such as “go back to Africa” and other key phrases.