Drifting yet afloat. Bad writing yet good NRG Systems™. Lowlow risk yet highly adventurous. The same characters yet different customers. Long response; Made to be red. Not the long way around it, clear brown. In that sense it's a reflection of reality. For a second, it slipped. This is realism. Weaving @ a distance. Dim the lights a tad bit lower. Lower. Lower. There, nice.  A package of calculations relating to the original plans for a fly machine. Pre–dug ditches for a while (to save–up for the part(s). Which turned out to be an industrial joke (AC Systems). A fake air being pushed into rooms, then lungs. The space between (song). Cooled in a cloak of windy efficient hydrogen gas. The way current can transmute. Pause. A Ventriloquist. Eats cookies. DHL® can get it their on time. USPS® can not. This should all be way more easy to read. All spelled out; one move and a fresh battery in a hands–free wireless magic mouse. Tons to instantly watch and a tan corduroy couch to sink into. Two floors; A back porch with a grill. Zero–In. :0)