@AmyDentata: Paid trolls are a political tactic used to create the illusion of group cohesion, and to fake large numbers.
Alice Clearwater

The reason there are so many paid troll farms is because it can create the illusion of consensus

Paid trolls are a political tactic used to create the illusion of group cohesion, and to fake large numbers. Gullible people are drawn into the network of bullshit accounts, radicalized, and then cannot escape.

This entire system swallowed 4chan, and it's doing its best to swallow Twitter. Nobody at Twitter HQ seems to care.

Right-wing extremists (MRAs, TERFs, incels, new atheists, evangelicals, the KKK, the list goes on and on) have interacted and coalesced organically, sure, but they have also been helped along intentionally by online disinformation campaigns.

None of these suckers realize they're being used as pawns by extremely wealthy dipshits. Some of them are so far gone they're perfectly happy to be used as pawns. Even though they are expendable.

And when I say expendable, I mean expendable. The ideal outcome, according to the folks coordinating this bullshit, is for these people to commit murder-suicides. Sounds a little like terrorism, doesn't it? Yeah. Kinda does.

Many of the people funding the right-wing stuff hail from America, from Australia, from across Europe. The clearest dividing line is economic class, not nationality.

And of course, you guessed it: The disinfo campaign Top Patrons are hella white

The ridiculous astroturf-fascist nonsense we see happening across the globe now goes deeper than Trump, deeper than Russia. It's also old as dirt. The oldest war is class war.

I can even give a few names, because they're not a well-kept secret: Bannon. Mercer. Luckey (small-timer lol but still doin' it).

Anyone that owns media outlets and is known to peddle bullshit. Including the tabloids. They're all in the game too.

At the edges sit the normies that still act as a funnel into the White Guy Mass-Shooter Club: The doofuses that regularly churn out capitalist apologia, telling you that taxing the rich is bad mmkay, and that FREEDOM means dying from treatable illness.

It's an entire ecosystem of bullshit, and it produces unhinged, violent white men. It produces Trump voters that want their own food stamps—that they rely on—taken away from them.

Every stage of the ecosystem pushes right-wingers closer and closer to Mass Murder-ville. Every stage relies on plausible deniability to maintain its innocence. But they know the game. They know what they're doing.

Here's a great example of someone who's been effectively propagandized. No actual thought process, just defensively regurgitating copypasta about their boogeyman of choice. (MGTOW are the slightly-less-death culty but still death culty cousin of incels.)

>"Feminist [sic] don't realise they're being used a [sic] pawns by wealthy dipshits either, dumbass.

This one. Many new atheists hold beliefs that align with evangelical Christianity. They've grown into an anti-"SJW" hate mob in many places (they're especially concentrated on YouTube). Dawkins et. al regularly spout racist nonsense, which doesn't help.

>"In what universe are "new atheists", many of whom are left-wing, part of right-wing extremism?"

Alleged "radical feminists" cozy up to right-wing evangelicals because they hate trans people. "New atheists" cozy up to right-wing evangelicals because they're white supremacists. Political views aren't as neatly divided into categories as people like to think.