James C. Scott, Seeing Like a State, chapter 1, Nature and Space, pp. 11-33.

Meredith Tenhoor, 'The Architect's Farm', in Above the Pavement, The Farm!, ed. Amale Andraos and Dan Wood, pp. 166-189

Dominique LaPorte, The History of Shit, Chapter 2, pp. 26-56.

Assignment: Start a project folder on, and start researching your area of interest, related to the readings and your final project. This will form a research notebook/repository/reference collection for the rest of the semester! Collect images, articles, and other resources, and also connect them to the main Sakiya channel so we can share research and map collective knowledge. You will informally present your research findings next class 02/26.

[Thursday 02/21’s class will be all devoted to training in ceramics and metal.]

Week 3 Readings
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