Required readings:

James C. Scott, Against the Grain, a Deep History of the Earliest States, introduction, pp. 1-35 and Chapter 7

Silvia Federici, Re-Enchanting the World, foreword and introduction

George Caffentzis, 'The Future of 'The Commons': Neoliberalism's 'Plan B' or the Original Disaccumulation of Capital?'

Samuel Dolbee, Shay Hazkani, Unlikely Identities: Abu Ibrahim and the Politics of Possibility in Late Ottoman Palestine.

Recommended Readings

Leah Temper, 'Creating Facts on the Ground: Agriculture in Israel and Palestine’.

David Wengrow and David Graeber, How to change the course of history
Argument against the Rousseauian narrative of agriculture, private property and the origins of inequality.

Frederick Turner, Beyond Geography

James C. Scott, Seeing Like a State, chapter 1, Nature and Space, pp. 11-33
Statecraft and forestry, to the standardization of measurement

Week 2 Readings
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