Most bands are plenty good, they don’t need a lot of production. Most bands, if you allow them to do what they do naturally, you’ll get a pretty good representation of the band, and generally speaking it’ll be a satisfying experience.

When you start deconstructing a band into its component parts and parsing music out into lyrics and choruses and verses and riffs and bridges and turnarounds and fills and modulations and stuff, then you work on all these elements individually and then try to reassemble them into a simulacrum of what the band was doing organically. That makes freakish records that don’t represent the bands.

— Steve Albini

Reminds me of Frank Chimero's, "once through, cleanly."

Often when I write, it starts out fine, then I edit and move things around and often break the flow it started with. Let it sit!

Ross Zurowski

Source: "If you've worked on two records a year…