Skyler Wolf
5 months ago
when you listen to music tuned to 432 hertz, it is in tune with the vibration of your body, and you will probably feel tension being released. when middle A is tuned to 432 hertz, the rest of the notes that are played in any range adjust accordingly (if you are using digital music. if you are using a guitar, adjust all 6 strings). the only reason the global elite changed the worldwide standard to 440 was so that they could continue controlling people, holding them vibrationally in a state of fear and sleep. the proof is in the sacred geometry of water under 432 hertz vibration (our bodies are 90% water, not 70%, like we were taught in the public school system). combined with tv commercials and fake news / media manipulation , the elite (the Cabal: government above our government) will be successful in hiding the truth from you, unless you seek it and question everything you understand. while we are on the subject of secrets, the government restricted the growing of weed for fear that we would extract it's cancer destroying CBD oil (and prove that all pharmaceutical companies: big pharma, are hiding the truth and are in it for the money and profits...) to heal our bodies. if you are still reading this... you're amazing, and maybe you should see who Dolores Cannon is and her experience with nostradamus, look into the Great Awakening map, find out the real meaning behind third eye, follow Alex Jones, and look into eating plant based foods. find everything on instagram and don't ever look back. your concept of time isn't even real either. it is just a construct that the government enforced us children to follow through timed tests in school so that we would gain anxiety. time is not what Is, and neither is y o ur mind. y o u Are, Infinite Consciousness, the y o Universe.