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John Miller: What do you think of publishing on demand? Recently, digital printing has made this much more feasible. Practically, it dramatically reduces overheads, but it also changes the interface between a book and its potential audience. For one, it means that there would, presumably, be less books out there waiting to be discovered in retrospect.

Maria Fusco: I like the idea of printing on demand and bypassing a surplus of books. I like the idea of production to desire. I like the idea of an active audience. I like the idea of readers. I like the idea of archives that are accessible to esotericists. The question that you have raised of course is whether all of these things can fit comfortably on the same shelf. Digital production on demand is a marketing quandary as it suggests on one hand that the book’s conceptual content is made fluid and released from the technical drudgery of making but at the same time the smaller amount of books about, the more valuable they may become in the future (regardless of production values). The efficiency suggested here then could appear simply as a conceit.

John Miller and Maria Fusco on Print on Demand 
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John Miller and Maria Fusco on Print on Demand 
John Miller and Maria Fusco, “Publish/Perish,” in *Put About: A Critical Anthology on Independent Publishing,* ed. Maria Fusco and Ian Hunt (London: Book Works, 2004), 152.
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